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We help organizations reconnect with real people.

What's the condition of your purpose? The proliferation of residential proxy services has left the web riddled with fraud, deception and confusion. PROXY·INTEL is the first system of its kind to successfully identify Anonymous VPN Users and block the Proxy Service customers exploiting them. We call this purpose recovery.

Shopify & E-commerce

Remember when you sold merch to actual fans and customers? So do we...

Political & Social

Measure authenticity of user location and restrict strategic misinformation.


We're always looking for new ways to restore and recover your connections.

Cloud API

We can tell you almost anything about an IP address, 70k times per second.

Reverse Proxy

Place your website or app API behind our proxy server and block (or annoy).

Global Infrastructure

Talk to our infrastructure in any of 7 high availability data centers.

Block Bots (really, don't just pretend)

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